Level 3: The Evolving Birth Chart

10-week Online Course | Level 3 begins 10 July 2021

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This is LEVEL 3 of Sydney Astrology School's 4-part *CERTIFICATE PROGRAM*

This module is designed to explore the relationship between the birth chart and time.

Firstly, we explore how the moving planetary influences (TRANSITS) energetically impact upon our birth chart. The various passages of life e.g. the "Saturn Return" and the "Mid-Life Crisis" will also be discussed in the context of an astrological lifetime.

Secondly, we explore how our birth chart evolves, unfolds or progresses over time by the use of PROGRESSIONS. We will also look at SOLAR ARCS. Thirdly, students will be shown how to pull all the information together to structure an astrological session. At the conclusion of Level 3, students will have a basic proficiency with interpreting a natal chart in relation to a period in time, and be able to understand a forecast.

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Level 3: The Evolving Birth Chart - July 2021

  • 10 x LIVE Weekly Webinars (20 contact hours)
  • A "Zoom Meet" session - to meet & discuss astrology topics with your classmates!
  • Access to a world-class astrology teacher with over 20 years’ experience. (FAA Accredited Teacher)
  • Lifetime access & a full set of notes to keep
  • A mix of reading and video content
  • Weekly feedback on your homework!