Level 2: The Birth Chart Story

10-week Online Course | Next Level 2 begins 24th April 2021

AU$470 (incl. GST)



This is LEVEL 2 of Sydney Astrology School's 4-part *CERTIFICATE PROGRAM*

This level provides greater technical knowledge, along with more insight into how your birth chart can be used to help you function in your everyday life.

There is an emphasis on the relationship (ASPECTS) between the different planetary energies in your chart. This highlights which areas of your psyche function easily and where your greatest challenges (soul growth) occur.

CHART SHAPES and ASPECT PATTERNS, CHIRON, the lunar NODES are all added to build the astrological story whilst adding more depth to the building blocks of Astrology 1.

As we find that all of the planetary energies are constantly interacting with each other, the chart starts to come alive from a perspective of past, present and the future. At the conclusion of Level 2 students will have basic proficiency with reading a birth chart.

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