Level 1: Beginners Astrology

The Building Blocks

10-week Online Course | Next Level 1 intake: 10 July 2021

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This is LEVEL 1 of Sydney Astrology School's 4-part *CERTIFICATE PROGRAM*

The three astrological components of a birth chart; the planets, the zodiac signs, and the houses are discussed in detail. Students will learn WHAT each planet represents. Students will discover HOW the planets express themselves by which SIGN of the zodiac they are placed. Thirdly, the student will learn that the HOUSE in which the planet falls will indicate WHERE in our lives the focus of this energy is likely to be played out. We will also introduce the ‘past’ energy of the Lunar Nodes.

At the conclusion of Level 1 students will understand the basic structure of a birth chart by combining the three building blocks of the planet, sign and house.

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Level 1 Beginners Astrology July 2021

A 10-week Online Course
  • 10 x LIVE Weekly Webinars (20 contact hours)
  • A "Zoom Meet" session - to meet & discuss astrology topics with your classmates!
  • Access to a world-class astrology teacher with over 20 years’ experience. (FAA Accredited Teacher)
  • Lifetime access & a full set of notes to keep
  • A mix of reading and video content
  • Weekly feedback on your homework!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes absolutely! People learn Astrology for a variety of reasons. The Course itself if a full-bodied curriculum in Astrology taking you from absolute Beginner to Advanced and Professional levels. It also caters to those with a more casual approach, desiring to understand themselves and others better and using it as a self developmental tool.

Here are some titles I recommend all budding Astrologers read. These are not compulsory, I would advise you to get at least one of these books, to supplement your Level 1 learning.

The Inner Sky - Steven Forrest
The Chart Interpretation Handbook - Stephen Arroyo
Astrology and Consciousness - Rio Olesky
The 12 Houses - Howard Sasportas

The weekly Live Webinar runs for 90mins (1 hour 30mins). Reading notes and doing homework takes between 1-2 hours.

Sydney Astrology School’s Certificate in Astrology takes four terms to complete Levels 1-4. Learning can be taken at your own pace in that you can sit out a term if you are too busy with work or other commitments, and resume class the following term with a new group.

Yes, but like everything in life to become proficient at something it’s all about practice. I encourage students to stay with the course after Level 4 to hone their craft and perfect their skills if they are serious with taking Astrology into client work.

Sydney Astrology Schools syllabus gives you a good grounding for the FAA exams. Exam tutoring is also available. One of our students recently topped the FAA Interpretation Exam!

Yes, but it’s not necessary in order to do the course. Astro.com generates astrology charts. Astro Gold is phone app put out by Esoteric Technologies which costs approx. US$39.99 (iOS) and US$34.99 (Android). This is a good introduction to Solar Fire, prior to you making that purchase of their full software package.

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